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This collaborative project is a digital drift that explores different relationships with the environment, nature, humans and non-humans from the formulation of an intersubjective body. Its main search is to generate resonances with and among the others. In these complicated times in which it seems that our existence unfolds in front of the screen, confined to the space of the black mirror, it becomes urgent to challenge the limits and scopes of digital life. We need to rethink the way in which we inhabit the others as well as our own subjectivity. Tercer Cuerpo Sonoro (Third Sonorous Body) seeks to open up possibilities to experiment different ways of being of the body through telematic means in order to simultaneously find ourselves in other physical, sonorous and emotional places. This work proposes approaches between people and entities, which are not able to happen physically, but that can occur through exercises of reinterpretation and intervention of places and bodies. The idea is to exchange and reappropriate places and sounds to generate third sonorous bodies around the world and resonate with others, especially at a distance.


Tercer Cuerpo Sonoro was the result from the MTF Labs 2020 Aveiro, Portugal.


Currently showing at the digital exhibition FACTT 20/21 IMPROBABLE TIMES curated by artist Marta de Menezes.


Vania Fortuna, Minerva Hernández, Marco Antonio Lara, Eurídice Navarro Villagómez, Leena Lee, Roberto R. Madrid and Emilio Sánchez Galán.


Binaural beats: Ernesto Romero

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