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FUGUE 19:16:00

Photo: Axel Barceló

This exercise works with space as the main concept within a defined chronological time. The theme of the piece are the every day stories from a voyeuristic approach. The way of articulating the ensemble is from the musical form of the fugue; a subject and counter-subject.


As subconcepts, it explores the notions of the public and private, urban atmospheres and relational space. The ensemble works with an interdisciplinary approach: live visuals, processed field recordings, live instruments and scenic experimentation. Fugue 19:16:00 addresses the everyday perceived from a window on the fifth floor of 373 Baja California Street in the Condesa neighborhood. It aims to make a re-appropriation of the micro-stories, sounds, images, agencies; in other words, the multiverses that could be perceived or imagined.


Space is understood nowadays as the realm of possibility for the existence of the manifold; the atmosphere of heterogeneity in which different paths cross and overlap. The lines that used to delimit spaces are now blurred and consequently, there is a new way of inhabiting where layers overlay and merge. Currently, experience is also understood from multiplicity. By re-appropriating what is overlooked and heard, the experience of the fugue suddenly became another possibility of reality derived from unseen networks and relationships.


Fugue 19:16:00 was presented as a part of Salon Abierto Festival at the National Center for the Arts, Mexico City 2015.

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