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Niebla is a collaborative project by Leena Lee & Vania Fortuna.

Pharomachrus mocinno (quetzal) has historically been a very important bird at the intersection of nature and culture. It currently inhabits the cloud forest ecosystem also called mountain mesophilic forest and is in danger of extinction.


We propose an approach to nature from embodied experience so that it does not appear to us as an alienated otherness. The goal is to dissociate ourselves from representations of nature as a measurable and quantifiable object. Part of the artistic search of this piece is to explore listening and composing practices of women: personal, slow, intimate, meticulous, generous, affectionate, corporal. Compositions made with field recordings often have a specialized audience. It is important in search of greater ecological awareness in the general public, to focus on the "listener". 


In that sense, this multimedia work was made specifically to be seen on a screen and heard with headphones or speakers. The visual accompaniment seeks to give prominence to the sound. NIEBLA (FOG) opens possibilities to experience different ways of being of the body through telematic means to explore imaginary and emotional places.


Fernando González García, Eloisa Matheu and Alejandro Gordillo Martínez shared with us some of the field recordings and photographs that were used to compose Niebla.


This piece was inspired by: the concept of soundwalk from Hildegard Westerkamp, the vocal cultural practice known as Kulning, S. Porges’ work on Polyvagal Theory,  E. Durkheim’s work on the study of interactional rituals and brain entrainment with binaural beats

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