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Foto de Hugo Chamorro / Cortesía del Centro Cultural de España en México

Bosque Vacío (Empty Forest)//


Who do we share living space with? Bosque Vacío (Empty Forest) is an atmospheric proposal of slow listening that explores the intertwined relationships of the wild-culture from the perspective of cohabitation, an environmental project of overlapping topographies of significant spaces and affects. The project seeks to heighten bodily perception and emotional response toward our habitats and the diverse entities we share the world with by creating enveloping environments through harmonic/tonal exploration of soundlight.

Our practice begins with an open qualitative protocol of fieldwork which is timeplace sensitive. We make paused expeditions observing and documenting various beings encountered in the environment of a specific location. We further research and explore the idiosyncrasies of these entities from multiple perspectives, such as historical, biological, and affective. The gathered material is the inspiration for developing the surround soundlight performance.

Bosque Vacío uses the concept of atmosphere as a toolbox to create environments that aim to dissipate the notion of otherness through embodiment, fostering a sense of empathic coexistence. By employing granular synthesis, sine waves, vocal exploration, lighting, color, and quadraphonic sound design, we create an atmosphere that engages participants in the deployment, accompaniment, and harmonic/tonal exploration of the array of field recordings, stories, textures, and colors encountered. Heightening bodily perception and emotional response allows and invites participants to actively and physically engage with their surroundings. Our proposal reinforces environmental connection, inclusivity, and dialogue with our cohabitants by acknowledging the ecosystem as active and responsive.

Bosque Vacío is a project of Leena Lee and Guillermo Guevara


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