Intimate secrets are not usually easily revealed. The is an unfinished narrative that we learn to carry. Untold stories. This immersive installation contains revelations made in an indirect way. Participants sent by email or twitter an image of an object that was indirectly related to their darkest secret. With that image, stories were written ( or were the real ones really exposed ? ) and then offered to the visitors. Visitors were also invited to anonymously write their secrets.


The whole architecture of the piece plays with the concepts of private and public with sheer but intricate passages and a bodily challenging story-viewing room.

The space in which this installation was contained was completed painted in in bright pink as a subtle undertone of sarcasm. The almost too bright to be looked at color, and an almost impossible to hear audio played in a loop throughout the installation; played as a physical metaphor of those secrets that are too unbearable to hear or see.