Lena Ortega Atristain (aka Leena Lee) - sound artist, researcher, designer, and teacher with a master's degree in Visual Arts and a Ph.D. in Art History from the National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM). My doctoral studies focused on contemporary art that works with nature/natural phenomena as a medium. I approach these constructions from the concept of atmosphere and the embodied experience of nature. For more than a decade I have specialized in nature/culture relations, in practice-based research.


Currently, I have focused on soundscape ecology, bioacoustics, and field recordings. I aim to cultivate the community's ecological consciousness by involving listening practices, field observation, recording, and soundscape composition. My main focus is the bird population/individuals of nearby surroundings and how they relate to and are part of their territory. I approach these inquiries by incorporating other dimensions of care and relationship with non-human animals and the environment that open possibilities to think critically about the spaces we inhabit and how we are environmental beings.


I host the radio program Sin Superficie, la Piel no es el Límite, dedicated to the active practice of listening. This project presents works in the fields of sound ecology, sound art, and experimental music. I have taught at the Art History Graduate Program at UNAM, the Faculty of Design and Architecture at La Salle University, and the Faculty of Arts and Design at UNAM. I am currently teaching at the Environment University.


For more than a decade I have collaborated with Arte+Ciencia, an interdisciplinary research group at UNAM that works in the intercrossing of art, science, and humanities. As part of my research, I have been a visiting artist in Spain, Finland, Portugal, Germany, Italy, and Slovenia, participated in national and international exhibitions, and have published articles in collective books of philosophy, design, and sound art magazines.


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A note written on our first Altered Listening Session.

By Diego Espíritu


Bioartefactos, degranar lentamente un maíz. MACO, Oaxaca, Mexico 2014. 


En el umbral ( y a solo a unos pasos de la dimensión sublime de la belleza. Museo Universitaio del Chopo, Mexico City 2014.


Sin origen, sin semilla, MuAC, MUCA ROMA, Mexico City, 2012-2013.