Photo: Marco Antonio Lara

Immersive installation developed with the concepts of bioartificial and bioartifactuality. It exhibited Arabidopsis Thaliana mutating and transgenic plants in a controlled environment. This installation was carried out together with Elena Álvarez-Buylla and the Laboratory of Molecular Genetics of the Institute of Ecology of the UNAM (National Autonomous University of Mexico).


The plant in Accumulated Transparency is a contemporary ready made. Where once the urinal or bicycle operated as what is taken from the everyday world (the other art), to dislocate the world of the "aesthetically" produced, is now those bioartefacts listed as the other art. These as an almost perfect nature of the modified, but not by representation (the beautiful landscape), but by the material handling of a living organism.


Accumulative Transparency is a point on the map of bioartefacts. A bioartefact is a technical object or a body that has been modernized; ie technically modified physiology, behavior, reproductive capacity or genetic makeup. The fundamental problem is that bioartefacts are still living organisms, but cannot be assimilated to other conventional devices made of inorganic matter. They have a dual nature that cannot be conceptualized simply as a hybrid. Accumulated transparency is an installation that plays with the presentation of a bioartefact in a confined environment. It is from that confinement that it aims to shed new question for life but viewed not from the isolation of the gene or the living organism, but from the complexity of an ecosystem. Arabidopsis reflected infinitely a forest as the eternal repetition of itself. It is a system that was altered in a part thereof, is altered in all, since the game of mirrors evidences that each intended unit is not really independent, but dependent on the other (the plant mixed in their interdependence) reflex.


In MUCA ROMA, Mexico City 2012-13. Texts: Arte+Ciencia, UNAM.