In this hyper aestheticized world, what makes something beautiful? How do we relate to the traditional canons of beauty? Among other aspects, is beauty directly related to time? Cultivamos Cultura inhabits an old house. Time is layered in its walls, ceilings, rooms and quarters. Many pieces of furniture are very old. The walls in the barn have scars and mending. Some of the ceilings in the rooms have caved in. Plants, insects and other animals dwell in them. Time is also layered in the objects of the rooms of the barn and the quarters in the house. Some are lying on the ground, some are piled and some are leaning on the walls. A few of their original purposes are unknown. Some of these physical spaces and objects are inhabited. Some are not.

The ones that are not get forgotten.


The first part of the project A Fox Tale works with some of the forgotten objects found in the house. I inhabited them by making instruments of them therefore giving them a new life. This project is about transformation (musical instruments) and transubstantiation (sound) as a way of preservation and reinterpretation of beauty.


At Sul Sal Exhibition in Odemira Portugal, 2014-15.